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February 23, 2012

Happy . . .

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As I write this, I’m preparing to attend another writer’s conference – in fact, two over the next four months, spanning the width and breadth of the continental United States. Those who know me, know this is what I like to do best. This is where the “real stuff” goes on.

As everyone knows, when gas prices go up so goes the price of airfare. And, by the time, you factor in the cost of hotels and meals, conference registration fees, gratuities, etc. it literally pays to attend the best writer’s conference you can find – and one that has all the right features such as plenty of workshops and lots of opportunities to meet with agents, editors and other representatives of the publishing industry. For most writers, the sole purpose of attending a conference is for their work to be picked up by an agent or publishing house. If you have worthy ideas, quality work and a better-than-average presentation this purpose can be achieved in record time. An additional bonus is the opportunity for networking. When writers attend conferences away from their home territory, the cost usually runs about $2500 – all the more reason for their free contributions to their local community to be valued and appreciated. For those who don’t appreciate such contributions, the explanation could be as simple as them being in a “different world” than a writer. My loyalty and praise will go toward the writer every time.

During this past week, I’ve received several apologies, comments and narratives concerning my decision to shut down a writer’s group for seniors. My decision was more than appropriate, and in truth, should have been implemented several months ago.

What is foolish, is when a writer’s group facilitator realizes that his/her efforts are unappreciated and not respected. It is not admirable for the facilitator to continue to use efforts, energy and resources to “give them what they need” – it’s foolish. My initial emotion upon closing down the group was relief not to have to continue my efforts in vain.

But here’s another side of the equation – it does a writers’-group facilitator “good” to be able to look back at such an experience and laugh. I don’t consider what I contributed to my community as a waste of time; but, instead, another lesson learned. And, here’s another positive note on the experience: while this is the first writer’s group I’ve ever shut down in 17 years of facilitation, the experience brought me to my senses and told me it was time for me to concentrate solely on my writing. Those that didn’t learn where the resources are, what to do with them, or how to appreciate them will simply have to ask someone else or do exactly what I did as a beginning writer: attend a writer’s conference.

In the aftermath of all of this, I received a new and very tantalizing offer. Several months ago, when I was initially approached about this same opportunity, I declined – citing extensive travel and writing commitments in two separate communities. All of this was true at the time. However, now all of the parties have come together again to renew their offer. It’s a winning scenario for everyone – but especially me. Not only does it offer new opportunities, but it also contributes toward my current writing projects. So, while I may have felt pangs of relief and foolishness, albeit later followed by laughter, upon closing the writer’s group, the appreciative increase reflected in the bottom line of my bank account coupled with being surrounded by writers who are not in a “different world,” were major factors in accepting this offer, but the best one of all is that I’m happy.

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December 6, 2011

The beginning of it all . . .

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Recently, like many others, I’ve been caught up in the Christmas rush of shopping, shopping, shopping.  Also, like many others, I’ve tried to be prudent at making selections, comparing costs, and deciding how much I think my friends and family members will appreciate my offerings.  After all, not every choice is a “hit.”

So, that being said, my dining room table has turned into a gift-wrapping station – again, like many others.  It would be impossible for a child to come into my home without having his/her belief in Santa Claus demystified.   Consequently,  how many children do you think I’ve invited to my upcoming Christmas parties?  For those who know me, and my writing sanctuary, they would be very surprised if I invited children into my world(s) on any occasion. But, I digress.

This year, as I’ve done in many others, I’ve decided to make a list of my writing accomplishments for which I’m truly grateful.   So, here goes:

1.  Being able to facilitate a local writer’s group

2. Having found an additional  writer’s group that will “feed me” vs.  me feeding them.

3.  One of the Big Six acknowledging the merit of my writing and asking me “to dance.”

4. A literary agent who advises me on the true rhythm of the dance, so I don’t misstep.

5. Other writers who have steadfastly encouraged and promoted my work – as it is now my turn to do for them.

6. Occasional romance – and, mostly on my terms. That’s all I’m saying!

So, having said all of this, I’ve read and watched the news for today, just as I always do when I begin a new day. I’ve read about kidnappings, missing women, civil unrest, devaluation of the dollar and Euro and hopefully have seen the last of campaign ads for a “train.”   And, in the midst of all of this, I’ve decided that while my continued writing is affected by all of these factors, the truth is that none of this could have been reported, preserved or read without writing – which is, in fact, the beginning of it all.

Merry Christmas!

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