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February 26, 2012

And, the winner is . . .

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Regardless of the weather, there are two parties I attend every year.  For over 10 years, a group of select friends and I have honored the Oscars with our own celebration(s.).  This year nine of us will be in the same state, and the other two will participate through “Skype®.”  No matter what the vehicle for attendance, we’ll all be there, dressed to the nines, and ready to mimic, – as is the case with this year’s Best Picture nominee “The Artist” – sing, dance, and vote for the names we’re absolutely sure will be called to receive their new eight-pound-three-ounce “golden” boy.  The “cast” only calms down for the required 2 minutes to announce the winner and hear the “thank you” he/she then offers.

At our celebration, there are a dozen “Oscars,” all ready to be presented to their deserving winners.  Gingerbread covered in “gold” icing never looked so royal!

Commercials, of course, – just like the Super Bowl game – give us the opportunity to refresh our champagne, grab another hors d’oeuvre, mix, mingle, and of course “powder” our noses. No detail is left to chance, including that most coveted gig at the real Oscar ceremony – the seat filler.  Two of our gang will inherit this honor from the previous year’s designees, and while it may seem like a benign character impersonation, at our party it’s certainly not.  Our seat fillers take their roles to heart and are stocked complete with face paint, extra gloves and jewelry, and at least three wigs that can be used to change their crowning glory to blond, brunette or redhead in less time than it takes to remove a ball cap.

Of course, each attendee selects which actor/actress they want to portray, but in the true Oscar spirit, we have one cast member position that is non-negotiable. Albeit male or female, one attendee is designated in advance to dress as “a writer” – with identifying costume characteristics being left solely to his/her interpretation.   I’m sure you can imagine some of these “costumes.” After all, where would movies, novels, plays, music and lyrics be without writers?

As I write this, my jewelry, gown and shoes are on the bed. Like all celebrities, I’ll need assistance with hair, make-up and dressing. One of my long-time friends will be over in a couple of hours and we’ll both “assist” each other in preparation for our walk on the red carpet. And, of course, we’ll be ready for our close-ups – just in case Mr. DeMille decides to honor us with his presence this year.

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