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February 17, 2012

Good family, good times, … good writing!

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It’s been a great week for me. I’ve had the pleasure of writing with two other members of my family – on their turf and mine. We’ve reminisced about old times, new expectations and how the writing world has changed.  The end result has been a short-story piece that is sure to make even the most cynic of readers and writers laugh.   It‘s been a collaborative work, and since I’m the “middle child,” each one of us have seen the same incident from a different perspective – and with potentially different consequences.

This is what happens when writers write – not talk, but write.  The simple facets of everyday life tend to be overlooked, but when three writing minds gather it’s a different story.  Ours’ is one that will make the younger members of our family continue to laugh for generations to come.  When I’m dead and gone, my grandchildren will understand their grandmother’s thought process so much better than I did mine.  They will see the true window of my soul, and understand a little more about genetics than most.  Writing is a wonderful way to reveal small truths that might otherwise be forgotten – simply because they are of such dry humor and many who hear them just didn’t “get” it.  Oh, well.

Good writing comes from environments of people with open minds and willing to explore. While we may think the good times with family and friends come naturally, many times they do not.  Take a look at reality television to prove my point. Good writers understand that completed ideas and stories come from a process – they don’t just pop up and finish themselves.  The process is one that has to “perk” for a little while, and while not every facet of a particular incident lends itself to good writing copy, significant ones tend to be remembered.  This past week has yielded several ideas – compliments of good family, good times, and good writers.



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